Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Are you ready for Spring?

I am SO looking forward to springtime.  I've been a big fan of Baker Creek for several years, but I discovered Fedco last year.  I have already placed one order with Fedco Seeds, but am working on another.  I love ordering from them - they have free shipping.  Their catalog is no frills, simple black and white, but it is full of information and the comments are so much fun to read and the Fireside Chats from F. D. Roosevelt really apply to this present day and  time.

Some of my favorites from Fedco are their Deluxe Lettuce Mix and Freedom Lettuce Mix,  Both of these lettuce mixes are chock full of wonderful varieties - Romaines, reds, red splotched, light and dark green, deer tongue, butter heads - just an amazing variety.  I planted some late lettuce in the Fall and made a hoop bed cover from light weight PVC pipe and covered it with a piece of heavy plastic drop cloth, leaving the ends partially open so things could breathe and I have harvested some wonderful salads.

Bright Lights Chard is another of my favorites.  For some reason I had never tried Swiss Chard before last year.  I assumed it would be something like turnip greens or kale, which I definitely do not care for.  In a seed exchange I received some Bright Lights and went ahead and planted them.  I am SO glad I did!  The bright colors of yellow, green, red and purple would make it pretty enough to grow alone, but the flavor was amazing.  I love spinach but have no luck growing it, and the flavor of the chard was very similar to spinach.  It is also a cut-and-come-again variety that has been growing all winter uncovered.

So what did I order the first time?
Golden Gopher Muskmelon
Ministro slicing cuke
Saffron sumer squash
Jaune du Doubs carrot - old heirloom with absolutely wonderful flavor
Deluxe lettuce mix
Freedom lettuce mix
Bright lights chard
Galine Eggplant
Boldog Hungarian Pepper
Odessa market sweet pepper
Opalka paste tomato - heirloom, huge sausage shape, very sweet, few seeds
Ventura celery
Red broom corn,
Danish flag poppy.

My tummy is growling already!

Happy gardening.

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