Tuesday, March 11, 2014

SPRING is on the way!

The past few days have been fantastic - temps in the high 60's and low to mid-70's.  We are due a cold spell (one of several, I'm sure) with temps going down to the mid-20's for a couple of days.  The only bad thing about the warm weather is that the mosquitoes are out in force. 

What's going on:
  • We have been moving boxes and building new ones the past few days. 
  • Planted 18 squares of cabbages, broccoli and cauliflower.  
  • Two 72 cell trays of tomato seedlings are up.  Varieties include Dad's Sunset, Dixie Sweet (heirloom from my family), Donskoi, Isis Candy, White currant, Amish paste, German Pink, Opalka, Rumi Banjan, Stump of the world, Maiden's gold, TN surprise, Tomcat cluster, Tidwell German pink and Early Cascade.  
  • Prisma shallots, King Sieg and Lincoln leeks have sprouted very well.
  • Rhubarb seedlings potted up.
  • Foxglove seedlings potted up.
  • Worked on bean trellises - one of 4 finished. 
  • Cut down 1 of my old 12' x 4' boxes to make two 12' x 2' boxes for blueberries and blackberries, will transplant as soon as we get them filled with Mel's Mix.

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