Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Garden Update

Well, things have really been busy lately and I am behind in my updates. 

My summer garden is practically finished.  I have 3 more tomatoes that are almost ready to ripen - they have lots of blooms, but I don't know if they will "make" or not. It has been terribly hot here - upper 90's to 100, & really humid.  I have pulled all the other vines up & destroyed.  It was really weird, but they got the blight as usual, but after most of the leaves died, they started putting out new growth like crazy & are absolutely full of blooms.

I have had fantastic luck with my cucumbers.  I have planted them on trellises at the end of 3 beds at various intervals through the summer and the last section is just starting to bloom.    I planted Boston Pickling cuke & Carolina Pickling.   The Carolina seems to be a bit longer & more slender, but both have performed equally well & I have made lots of pickles, sweet relish & even added some to my chow chow recipe.  My carrots have met with lots of bad luck (my son's hybrid wolf keeps getting out of the back yard & digs them up to lay in the cool dirt).  This has become a big issue around here.  He is in in a very large yard with chain link fencing, keeps finding a way out.  We have 10 acres and he comes to the front of the house & messes up my garden.  I still have several of these carrots growing, but haven't had any harvest yet.

Another great success story has been with the winter squash, even though I planted the first ones in the Spring.  I have Delicata, Honey Boat Delicata (Larger fruit than regular Delicata) and Sweet Dumpling.  They have produced exceptionally well & we have really been enjoying them.  The first vines are still producing and I planted 6 more plants on a trellis & they are full of fruit and blooms.

I have been cleaning up my beds & starting some fall seeds.  I also planted some grocery store garlic last week, big purple bulbs, and it is up already.  I found a great site if you want to try a variety of garlic & not have to buy a whole pound.  We Grow Garlic.  You can purchase as little as one bulb of a variety.  I ordered 10 different types to see what grows best in this area.  My order has shipped & I'm anxious to get it.

So far I have planted the following:
Carrots:  Chantenay, Jaune Obtuse Du Doubs yellow, Muscade.  They are sprouting nicely.
Leeks:  Giant Musselburgh & American Flag.  The first flat of Giant Musselburgh evidently baked because I never did get anything to sprout.  I had it in the shade on the front porch & kept moist, but no luck. Last week I started some more seeds & kept them in the house & they sprouted in just a few days. 
Parsnip:  These were planted 8/20 & no signs of anything yet, but I read they are slow to germinate, so I haven't given up on them, it has only been 5 days.
Rutabaga:  It seems they came up overnight.
Lettuce:  I have planted a few of all of these:  Red Wing Mix, Rocky Top mix (both from Baker Creek), Cimmaron Red romaine from Ron's Seeds on E-Bay (highly recommended, great service), Parris Island romaine, Red & Green romaine mix from Walmart.  I'll continue to plant them these every 2 weeks for as long as I can.
Cabbage:  Copenhagen Market, Bok Choy, Pak Choy, Premium late flat Dutch, Perfection Savoy drumhead.
Cauliflower: Snowball Self blanching.
Brussels Sprouts: Long Island improved.
Turnip: Purple top.  We don't care for the greens, but love the roots.  I'll plant them this next week.

I guess that is all for tonight.

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