Saturday, February 26, 2011

This week at a glance

SUMMARY FOR THE WEEK OF 2/20-2/26/2011
Marked grids in beds.

Made cold frame.

2/24 and 2/26:  Tomato seeds planted:  Dixie's Sweet (family heirloom), German Pink, Pink Oxheart, Dad's Sunset, Striped Roma, Early Cascade, Isis Candy, Red Grape
Peppers are finally up: Yellow Monster, Tam jalapeno, Emerald Giant, Ancho, Rainbow mix,
Golden Marconi, Holy Mole, California Wonder.

Lettuce seeded in beds week before last up & growing, a few of each started in trays 2/26: Cimmaron Red Romaine, Gourmet Mix, Rocky Top mix, Red Wing mix.

Onions: seeded in beds starting to come up, more started in trays 2/26: Hybrid Granex yellow, Red Burgundy, Violet De Galmi.  White Ebenezer sets planted for scallions.

Eggplant: Ping Tung from Taiwan.

Carrots 2/26: Jaune Obtuse Du Doubs yellow, Muscade, Valery, White Belgian.

Spinach, Bloomsdale: 2/24

Cabbage seeds: Perfection Savoy, Red, Late flat Dutch up & growing. 

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