Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Are you wondering when you can start planting?

Spring is a little closer for some of us than others, and I know we are all itching to get out & play in the dirt.  I found three great resources for finding out when to start your seeds.

If you don't know what your last frost date is, Dave's Garden has a great tool where you only have to put in your zip code, find it here

Now you are ready for the really neat part.  In the past You Grow Girl had an Automatic Seed Starting Chart, but it is no longer on their site.  I had downloaded it previously and the link is still active  (click "open", not "save", then click "ok" on the next two windows):    You Grow Girl Automatic Seed Starting Chart .   At the top you just enter your frost date with the CURRENT year and it automatically fills in your dates. This one only has routine vegetables, but Johnny's Selected Seeds has one that is a little more in-depth and includes several flowers and herbs:  Johnny's Seed Starting Chart.

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