Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I'm bored

It's windy, rainy & 52, but feels much colder, so I've been doing nuthin' much. 

I got my Comstock-Ferre seed catalog a few days ago, so have been reading it.  Yes, actually reading it from cover to cover, even varieties I am not the least bit interested in.  Being "old", I love old stuff & the catalog has 3 pages of history that was really interesting. FYI, the Gettle family of Baker Creek Seeds, recently bought the seed company & will have their 200th anniversary on June 5 in Connecticut.   DH said no, he would not take me, but we will see about that.  You've heard the saying "if mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy"? 

Anyway, I only thought I was through with my seed order for the year.  Here's what I have on my list now:   Dates given are from the catalog.

ARTICHOKE: Green Globe.  1846
BEANS: Lazy Wife pole bean 1880s, Black Valentine pole 1850s.
BEET:  Albino.  Thomas Jefferson grew this one. 
CABBAGE: Danish Ballhead. One of the hardiest cabbages, will plan for Fall planting.  1850s.
LETTUCE: Strawberry cabbage lettuce. 19th century French heirloom introduced to USA in 1906.
MELONS:  Banana, 1885.  Pineapple. T. Jefferson also grew this one.  Said to be good for training on a trellis.
ONION: Wethersfield Red - 1700's

TOMATOES: Since I only have 10 varieties of tomatoes started, I need to make it an even dozen:
Ponderosa -  1891. Low acid, large fruits
Sparks Earliana: 1900

WATERMELON: Stone Mountain:  Introduced by Hastings Seed, Atlanta, GA in 1923.  One of the top commercial melon of 1930s & 40s, now nearly extinct.  Since it is a "local" melon, I'll give it a try.

It's a good thing I have 10 acres & don't have to be bothered with working my day job any more.

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