Sunday, April 3, 2011

April 3 Update

It has been downright cold for the past week or two, but everything is growing well in the hoop house.  I only had to bring my flats in one night & that was a job because I have so many.   I have repotted a lot of the tomatoes & have umpteen more to do, but knowing me, since it is so close to our last frost date, I'll just leave them & bury them deep when I plant. 

This weekend I took a chance & set out 4 tomato plants, planted my Roma bush beans and 2 double rows of McCaslan Pole beans.  If I lose them to cold weather, then all I've lost are some seeds, but WHAT IF I have an extra early harvest?  That will be great.

I've trained my grandchildren well - Jadiel, the 7 year old, came running into the house the other day with a double handful of worms she had found down by the barn.  She knew I would want them for the garden.  She had to place each one just so-so in the beds & sprinkle dirt on them so they wouldn't dry out. 

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