Monday, April 11, 2011

What crazy weather!!

This time of year the weather is always unpredictable - last Monday the high was 56, low 39, then by the end of the week it was 92.  Our frost date is April 15, but I'm taking a chance again this year on early planting.  I already have McCaslan pole beans and Roma bush beans up and tomatoes transplanted a couple of weeks ago are doing great. 

Yesterday I started cukes, yellow squash, zucchini & some other things, but I can't remember what & the flat is outside & I'm not going to go and check, but I ended up with another 48 cells planted.  What in the world am I going to do with all these plants? 

Today I planted some corn, transplanted celery, more lettuce, Ping Tung eggplant (long slender lavender variety) and some more tomatoes plants.  This is my first year with celery & it sprouted quickly & looks really healthy.  The roots were amazing - plants were about 2 inches tall & there were probably 4 inches of roots. 

If you look back to the beginning of my SFG adventure, you will see my granddaughters helping get things started.  Today DH has gone to their house to make 4 x 4 boxes for each of them.  They are SO EXCITED!   They are also trying their hand at incubating eggs.  The last time they were here Lillian gathered the eggs and unknown to me carried a couple of them around in her shirt for a really long time "keeping it warm" so it would hatch.   Before they went home we got out our incubator and set it up for them and they took a few eggs home.  I had forgotten all about it til Lillian called today & said "only 3 more days".  I asked 3 days til what & she reminded me about their eggs.  I really hope they hatch out.

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