Monday, April 12, 2010

April 5, 2010

I'm always trying new things for earring displays, most of them don't work & I go back to my trusty window shutters, but at least I found a use for this one - It is a panel from a storage unit I got at Target.  It is 12" square & worked perfectly, I just pressed it down & poked my finger wherever I wanted to plant a seed. 

Here are a few pictures of our progress.  It's hard to work full time & garden. 

This isn't in my SFG, but I had planted from red garlic from the grocery store last year & didn't harvest it.  This is where the individual cloves put our new growth this year.  

All of these pics were taken on 4/5/2010

Sugar snaps

First potato peeking out.

Mixture of Bok choy and cabbage planted before my grids were in place, unevenly spaced.

Assorted seedlings waiting to be transplanted.

Summer squash

  Boston PIckler Cucumbers

A friend from church gave me a fig off-shoot last year.  I couldn't believe it had figs started this year.  I told her about it  yesterday & her's hasn't even broken dormancy yet.  Mine is planted very close to the house & is sheltered, so I guess that's why mine has come out  so early.

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