Sunday, April 25, 2010

Things are really coming along well.

These pictures were taken April 25, 2010:  I've been really busy and have not had a chance to post anything for a while, but I do have some new pictures to share.  My garden has come a long way since March 23rd when we first started preparing the boxes.  One thing I really love about SFG is that you don't have to wait for the dirt to dry out enough to be able to till.  Mel's mix drains well & doesn't pack down.  In my old garden I would not have even planted my corn yet or set out tomatoes.

These pictures were taken this evening before heading off to church, just a little over a month after starting the project.    I have erected a shade for my bok choy, sugar snap peas & lettuce to try and keep things from bolting.  It seems to get hot around here really quick.  I have peppers & tomatoes planted in here too so that when I harvest the lettuces they will be ready to take off.  Everything is growing so good & I'm really excited.

I haven't done anything to my paths, but my son was gracious enough to weed-eat  for me after these pics were taken, so things are a little neater now.

Here is my asparagus bed, 2' wide.  I have 30 Jersey roots planted & they have been really slow to come up, I still have lots of empty spaces. 

This next-to-last box has my sugar snaps, 2 kinds of bok choy, romaine & leaf lettuce blend at one end, covered with a sheet for shade.

The sugar snaps should start to bloom soon.  Yumm, I can hardly wait. 

Speaking of sugar snaps, I am a self-professed magazine junkie & hoarder.  We found my collection of Organic Gardening & Farming mags from back in the 70's & 80's.  DH had just gotten out of the Navy/Viet Nam war, hippie age, & we bought our 10 acres with the idea of being self sufficient.  We liked comfort too much to go too far with it, but did follow a lot of ideas from the magazines.  While thumbing through them I found this article about sugar snaps the year they were first introduced.  We pretty much take them for granted now, but they were a big deal back then.

OK, back to the present

My next bed has cucumbers, Peaches 'n Cream corn, Roma bush beans, carrots and onions, Texas Grano sweet type.   I still can't get over how the corn is growing.  The raised beds heat up so much quicker than soil. 

I need to thin the carrots.  I'll try to get that done this week.  This bed also has a couple of yellow squash.

Peppers and tomatoes I started from seed: Serrano, Big Dipper, cascabella, Tam jalapeno, early jalapeno and Ancho. It seems like there were other varieties, but that's what I remember right now.   For some reason none of the Ancho germinated, must have been bad seed since I planted them all the same. (Wonder if I could have forgotten to put the seed in? You never know).  I plan on making lots of chow chow & pepper relish.  My youngest granddaughter loves the stuff - I've caught her eating it out of the jar with a spoon.

I still have a lot of peppers & tomatoes to plant after my other boxes are built.   DH said he would get the other boxes built tomorrow.  They are still looking good, but need to be repotted or planted soon.  I've been feeding them with weak manure tea.

Finally, here are the figs!

Thanks for stopping by & I'll have more to share later on.

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