Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Blackberry harvest now totals 1 gallon

It may not sound like a lot to anyone else, but I'm tickled pink (black maybe?)  From today's picking I made 5 pints of blackberry jam plus about 2 inches of jam in another jar  I hid it as soon as it was cool since I plan on using it as gifts.  The little bit I will sneak out of the back of the fridge for toast.  It really was pretty jam. There are still lots of berries to ripen, so hopefully I can make another run of jam.  We have had 2 cobblers & even using gluten-free flour mix, they were excellent.

We are having green beans for supper from yesterday's picking, and cukes are coming in pretty steadily now.  Too bad DH doesn't like cukes.  Also there are lots of baby peppers, but none near big enough to eat.   I might have 2 more small tomatoes to pick & I'll have to check my Ping Tung eggplant. 

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