Thursday, June 9, 2011

Today's Harvest

I had every intention of blogging at least once a week, but alas I just didn't make myself do it.  I was also going to keep a tally of my harvest this year,  but I'm behind on that too.  I didn't keep track of the lettuce, carrots and sugar snap peas, but today I am on target.

Don't let anyone tell you you can't get a decent harvest using the SFG method.  They are SO WRONG!  I planted McCaslan pole beans, a long, wide Italian type bean, in a 1 x 4' section.  I used a metal frame & strung string (sounds cute doesn't it?) for the vines to climb and planted on both sides of the trellis.  The string was a bad idea since the vines are so vigorous they just wrapped around several strings at a time, grew up, over and back down the other side of the frame.  Out of this 1 x 4' section I harvested 3 lbs of beans this evening!!

I also graveled out 2 3/4 lbs of red potatoes from one end section of the potatoes.   A lot of the vines are starting to dry up, so I will be able to dig pretty regularly now.

Another thing I am excited about is my garlic.  I bought several individual bulbs from We Grow Garlic last year.  They sell varieties by the individual bulb and I tried several different varieties.  I harvested it this week also and most of them are huge.  I am going to try and keep them separated so I can compare the different varieties by taste, but I can't promise anything. 

Today I got to eat the first ripe blackberries.  I didn't make it back to the house with too many of them for DH, but I certainly enjoyed them. 

I took some pictures to share:

My almost-83 year old Mom with Hannah Beth, her great-granddaughter,and posing next to my corn.  She hates to have her picture taken so I was quite pleased she let me, plus she SMILED for the camera.   Hannah Beth felt the need to play in the last batch of Mel's Mix DH fixed last night for me.  I know the feeling, it's irresistable.  The hens made a nice contribution with 10 eggs over the past 2 days.

God is good and I am truly blessed. 

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Kris said...

Nice garden and blog, I tried to follow your blog, but your followers widget isn't showing for some reason. I will try again. I have had problems with mine not showing as well.

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