Sunday, June 27, 2010

New chicken pics

I finally got around to taking a few pics of my chickens.  They have really grown since April.  The Turkens are much larger than the others, but I could never get a really good picture of them & it was in the 90's & I was just too hot to fool with it any longer.  I also tried to get a good picture of the white ameracaunas so maybe someone could tell me what sex they are.  I have a pretty good sized chicken yard attached to the barn, 20 x 30, & it used to be lush grass.  Over the years the chickens have destroyed any trace of vegetation & the soil is so "hot" from the fresh manure nothing will grow at all.  That's why I really NEED a chicken tractor.   Here are the chickens enjoying some kitchen scraps. In this first picture you can see remnants of a huge tomato that was rotten in the center.  What a waste & disappointment.




As to the 2 broody hens, so far 4 eggs have hatched out & the chicks are so cute!  The two broody hens were in nests side by side & always swapping out their nests.  Although they look identical, one of them would peck you & the other would just get all huffy, so I knew they were swapping nests.  Anyway, when the chicks started hatching out they both wanted the nest with the babies.  After church tonight I moved the chicks & one hen with the unhatched eggs to a stall in the barn.  When I went back a while later to check on them she was on the eggs with the chicks & the other hen had gotten back on her nest in the chicken house.  Hopefully she will stay put & I'll get a few more chicks.  I knew they shouldn't have their nests so close to each other, but the only time I tried to move a hen with her nest in the past she just abandoned it, so I left these alone.


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kitsapFG said...

Those chicks are just darling. What a large and diverse flock you have.

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