Tuesday, June 29, 2010

No new pictures, but last night I finished my first 4 x 4 section of Peaches & Cream corn.  I harvested 35 ears, not counting what we have already eaten.  I would probably have had more, but I didn't think of supporting it until AFTER the storm blew it over a few weeks ago & some stalks in the middle never would stand up as tall as the others & didn't get pollinated.   I have another 4 x 4 section that will be ready the end of the week probably & another section that is only about knee-high. 

I planted some carrots the other day, but my son's hybrid wolf dug them all up.  I think he was trying to find somewhere cool to lay.  I replanted those squares & lay down some scrap fencing, so far so good.  Today I direct sowed a square of leeks, have no idea if they will sprout or not.  I also planted another 2 squares of carrots, 4 each of these squash:  Delicata, sweet dumpling, table queen and honey boat delicata.  I covered the carrots & leeks with some scraps of white fabric to help keep them moist.   I also planted a square of dill.  I forgot to buy seed in the spring & just happened to find a pack yesterday at a feed store, I hope it isn't too late for it. 

Another chick hatched out before the hen left her nest, so I have a total of 5 from that hatch.  The other eggs should hatch out next Thursday or Friday.  Wish me luck.

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