Monday, June 14, 2010

June 14, 2010

Pictures from June 14, 2010:  My corn has gone crazy - it is Peaches & Cream & the seed catalog says it grows 5 1/2 feet tall - I think mine is at least 10 feet tall & started silking a week ago.  I wonder how long it will take before it's ready to eat?  DH is 6' tall & is standing at the end of the bed by the cucumber vines.

You can click on any picture for a larger view. If you are interested in seeing the project from the beginning, click on "older posts" at the bottom of the page.

I've already pulled out my 2 bean crops & planted a last plot of corn.  I also pulled up my zucchini (I don't know why I insist on planting it, we only eat a very small bit of it grilled.  I guess it's the instant gratification of something growing).  I've cut my yellow squash back some since it was taking over & I'm still harvesting from it.  I've had a steady supply of cucumbers - Boston Pickling & Homemade Pickles & made a few jars of pickles.  They didn't really do well - they shriveled really bad after cooling, but I'll keep trying. 

I am well pleased with my tomatoes - I started all of them from seed, as well as all my pepper plants.  These are German pink tomatoes.

These are a new variety for me - Orange Banana. 

My hollyhock's were beautiful until the latest storm blew them down flat.  They were from a mixed packet & had all colors imaginable, singles and doubles.  You can see the damage from the Japanese beetles on the Amaranth leaves below the blossom.


My peppers are blooming like mad, but this sweet banana is the only one that has any actual fruit on it.  My youngest granddaughter loves my chow chow, which is actually a pepper relish without any cabbage, & eats it with a spoon right out of the jar & we are completely out, so I planted a LOT of peppers, sweet & hot.

Here is the garlic harvest.  I thought it was a little early to be ready, but the tops had dried up & fallen over so we dug it up.  It's garlic from the grocery store.

Purple Cleome, one of my favorite plants. 
On another note, I did a craft show last weekend, National Moofest (in celebration of National Dairy Month) in Athens, TN.  I will NEVER, EVER do another early show - I thought I would have a heat stroke.  The temps were in the 90s, the festival was downtown on the city streets & I was miserable. And of course it stormed both days, just long enough to have to put the tent sides down & then dry everything back off.  It was a profitable show, but I'll stick to September & October shows from now on.  Here is a picture of yours truly dying in her booth.

Last, but certainly not least, is the Mayfield Dairy cow, I think her name is Maggie, but not sure.

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kitsapFG said...

Goodness that corn is HUGE! What have you been feeding it?! LOL!

The garden is really producing for you and everything looks really good.

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