Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Orange banana tomatoes

I harvested 4 Orange Banana tomatoes last night.  This is my first year to grow these & they are a "keeper".  They have a very sweet taste, the core is small & they are decent sized.  I'm not sure why they cracked.  The soil moisture has been even & usually I only get cracking when it rains after a long dry spell, but I have been watering my beds.  I got my seeds from Baker Creek Heirlooms, one of my favorites.  UPDATE:  This tomato has a really good flavor & fruit size is decent, but probably 1/4 of the tomatoes had blossom end rot.  None of my other tomato varieties had a problem with this, so it may be a trait common to this particular one.  I don't plan on growing it again next year.

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