Saturday, June 19, 2010

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Oh Happy Day - I have a tomato that should be ready to pick in a day or two - It is a Jerry's German Giant & I can hardly wait!  Usually my first tomato is really puny, but this one is a beauty.

Here are some more that are looking good too, but far from ready.

Now for the not so pretty - I know not to try to grow Spring cabbages, this always happen & I can never find BT & don't like to spray or dust with Sevin because our bee population is really low.  I plan on trying a Fall crop this year.  Hopefully I will have better luck.  I thought I had pulled all of the cabbages, but this one was hidden in the asparagus bed.

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kitsapFG said...

Bt really does make a difference. I never grow the summer crop of cabbages or broccoli without it.

Gorgeous tomato! I am quite envious as we are weeks away yet from a ripe tomato and those will be minimal at that.

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