Friday, January 20, 2012

DIY Seed Packets from Scrapbook Paper

It is still too early to actually do any seed starting and while I still had my seed stash out on the dining room table, I had a BRILLIANT idea.

Making your own seed packets is nothing new and there are many free templates out in cyber space, but I came up with something a little different. I have a collection of 12x12 inch scrapbook papers that are medium to heavy weight in gorgeous patterns and colors that are just taking up space on a shelf.  I thought they would make nice seed packets.

What you need:
  • Seed packet template.  You can even disassemble a seed packet and trace around it for your pattern. 
  • Your choice of papers (even catalog pages will do)
  • Elmer's repositionable glue stick for the flap
  • Regular craft glue stick
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
I had my wonderful husband draw out a template for the seed packets.  I wanted a little larger than normal seed packet, so I had a lot of paper waste, but you could size them smaller and fit more to a page.   This will also depend on what size paper your printer will accept.  My scrapbook papers were 12 x 12", but my printer only accepts an 8.5" width paper.  To adjust the pattern so I could print two packets on one 6 x 12 strip, the packet was too small for my taste, so I only got one envelope on a 6 x 12 strip.  The excess can be used for lots of crafty ideas so I'll save them.

Print your template on the WRONG side of your paper.  You will want to have your fold lines on the inside so everything will look nice & neat when completed.

Cut out each pattern.  Most seed packet templates don't show it, but be sure to bevel the fold flaps, bottom flaps, they will fold much neater.
Use your ruler to score the fold lines and fold them.
Next seal the side and bottom flaps with craft glue.
Use the Repositionable glue for your top flap.  That way it is resealable.   No more torn envelopes & seed spills!

Label your packets.  For my labels I used self-stick address labels.  My handwriting is not the best and some of my papers were darker & with lots of bold designs and handwriting wouldn't look good on them.    By using labels it's easy to see what each packet contains & everything is consistent.

Bevel the fold flaps

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