Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Seed storage idea

At the Square Foot Gardening Forum there has been an ongoing discussion about seed storage ideas with some great ideas.  This is one of the latest ones and it really caught my eye.

Wouldn't it be great if you could see a "snapshot" of the year, and organize your seed packets based on when you're needing them?  This one is made from Foamboard and the directions can be found here at Vegetable Gardener

Another very useful square foot gardening site is My Square Foot Garden.

This site has an easy-to-use garden planning tool and they have a free trial membership.  There is a wealth of information here, one of which is the plant spacing guide.  Although I have the All New Square Foot Gardening book by Mel Bartholomew, this spacing guide is handy to print & keep in front of my 3-ring notebook journal and I have also printed a copy & sealed it in a clear sheet protector to take outside with me.   Another great thing is the Garden by Color, which is geared toward your planting zone.


Kris said...

I keep my seeds in a U.S. army ammo box of all things. It just happens that it is the exact width of a seed packet, so they fit in there perfect. The great thing about it is since it is an ammo box, it snaps together really air tight. I keep the whole box in my fridge. Looks kind of funny when folks look in my fridge and think I am storing grenades or something. :)

Dixie said...

Kris, that really is funny. I can just see the look on their face!

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